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Cook n' Serve Fajita Pan 2 pc. Set

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Cook n' Serve Fajita Pan 2 pc. Set
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Cook n' Serve Fajita Pan 2 pc. Set

Fajita Cook N' Server


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Cook n' Serve Fajita Pan 2 pc. Set

The Mexican Fiesta Cast Iron Fajita sizzler is "Ready-to-Cook" because it has been pre-seasoned, eliminating the time consuming requirement of producing your own naturally darkened nonstick finish. Your fajita sizzler has gone through a two-coat seasoning process where it is treated with vegetable oil and heated in extremely high-temperature ovens to create a smooth, black patina that will enhance the easy-to-clean and nonstick features of the cast iron.

The fajita sizzler is ideal for the serving and stovetop grilling of beef, poultry and seafood fajitas, and the sizzler pan is perfectly shaped for grilling a whole fish.  The wood trivet protects your tabletop when serving sizzling fajitas, and it adds a decorative and authentic touch to your meal.

  • Pre-treated with vegetable oil at high-temperature to create a natural nonstick finish.
  • Long Serving Handle (always use an oven mitt or pot holder when handling)
  • Decorative Wood Trivet.

SKU: K110-04
UPC: 726161110043
Color: Cast Iron and Wood