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Pasta Machine

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Pasta Machine
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Pasta Machine

Pasta Machine


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Pasta Machine

Nothing can match the irresistible appeal of a freshly made bowl of pasta.  Dried and store bought pastas cannot compare to the flexibility of taste, flavor or variety that fresh pasta offers.

This versatile machine includes a locking, adjustable dough rolling dial that will allow you to roll out sheets of pasta, thick or thin.  The removable cutting head will cut perfect fettuccini noodles and the narrower spaghetti noodles.

The Italian Villa adjustable, hand-cranked Pasta Machine will allow you to make all sorts of gourmet varieties of noodles, pasta, and lasagna.  Come to Italian Villa, where you get Old World goodness with new world convenience.
  • Heavy-weight Pasta Machine base with pasta roller for making Lasagna-style noodles.
  • Removable Pasta Cutting Head makes both Fettuccine (1/4" cutter) and Spaghetti (1/16" cutters) noodles.
  • Handle & Table Clamp.
  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel construction.
  • Versatile for rolling out dough. Produces a variety of thicknesses (from 0.5mm to 3mm)

SKU: K330-54
UPC: 726161330540
Color: Chrome Plated Steel