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A collection of Asian cutting tools and the Unlimited Scissors

The Original "Unlimited" Scissors

The Original "Unlimited" Scissors
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The Original "Unlimited" Scissors

The Original "Unlimited" Scissors - White
The Original "Unlimited" Scissors - Blue
The Original "Unlimited" Scissors - Yellow



The Original "Unlimited" Scissors

Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors can be used to cut just about anything. They can cut through bone for poultry and fish. They can be used in the garden, the possibilites are really quite unlimited. The carbon content in the steel is doubled or even possibly tripled compared to normal stainless steel scissors. Molybdenum (which aids in corrosion resistance) and Vanadium (which helps to stabilize the steel during production) are added while increasing the carbon content to achieve the extreme hardness without making the stainless brittle. This simply means the scissors can be used to both cut hard objects in the kitchen and the garden, like bones or stems while maintaining the sharpness of the scissor longer.

SKU: J51-0220 (Red), J51-0620 (White), J51-0621 (Blue), J51-0622 (Yellow)
UPC: 048002505406 (Red), 048002510622 (White), 048002516211 (Blue), 048002516228 (Yellow)
Color: Red, White, Blue, Yellow

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